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Rhythms of Empowerment

Rhythms of Empowerment is led by Tandy Bowman, a Trained HealthRhythms Facilitator, Reflective Music Facilitator, and Certified Anger Management Provider.

Rhythms of Empowerment provides monthly to bi-monthly drumming to Assisted Living and Nursing Facilities, Support groups and organizations throughout the Sacramento area.

  • Group Empowerment Drumming ~ A comprehensive whole-person, evidenced based therapeutic approach to learning, living and non-verbal expression. Fosters creative expression, inner healing, deals with difficult situations, aids in challenging learning difficulties, builds community, produces a workout, builds self-confidence, and gives support and opportunities for life-changing breakthroughs.
  • Adolescent Protocol ~ A comprehensive whole-person, evidenced based approach to reaching individuals where they are utilizing non-verbal and verbal expressions, through drumming, textile objects and imagery. A six-weeks program that will work through tough issues, allow for support through peer and adult participation, and allow for growth in self-confidence, empowerment and getting to know the "REAL" person inside.


  • Reflective Music ~ A powerful whole-person program that utilizes nature photography and world music to draw upon all five senses to work through mental, emotional, and life altering experiences. Communication skills are enhanced as well as personal expression whether verbal or non-verbal.
  • Individuals dealing with Anxiety / Breathing Difficulties
  • One on One with those living in their own home
  • One on One for those in Independent Living / Assisted Living Facilities
  • Anger Management ~ A cognitive behavioral approach to learning how to manage anger. Eight control tools are taught in order to help individuals learn concrete learning: (Court Ordered Approved)
    1. Dealing with Stress
    2. Developing Empathy
    3. Respond instead of React
    4. Change self-talk
    5. Assertive Communication
    6. Adjust Expectations
    7. Forgive, but don't Forget
    8. Retreat and Think things over
  • Individuals/Groups
  • Adults
  • Families
  • Teens/Pre-Teens
  • Schools
  • Churches



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