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Servant Hearts

Support Us

Why Support Us? 

 Your donation will help Servant Hearts continue to deliver support to the community through its services and ongoing education and awareness programs.

Why your Donation is Important. 

Servant Hearts relies on donations from the community, sponsorship programs, and grant funding from businesses.  All donations go directly to: 

  • Creating community for elder LGBT+ individuals to support physical and mental wellbeing

  • Supporting LGBT individuals to meet and connect through regular monthly events

  • Expanding the Rhythms of Empowerment project to the Sacramento senior living communities and their families, as well as community organizations  

  • Continuation of a whole-person, evidenced based therapeutic approach to learning, living and non-verbal expression through ​Group Empowerment Drumming and Anger Management tools

Donate to our programs

Wisdom Project

rhythms of empowerment



Servant Hearts appreciates all who chose to help in all of our projects.  Email us, and let us know your availabilty and we will see what we have going on. 

Why Volunteer? 

Servant Hearts always enjoys volunteers who want to reach out and help other individuals within the community.  Volunteers help our organization with events, host a gathering, help with chosing venues for our 3rd weekend outings, fundraising events, and increasing visibility for the organization. 

Servant Hearts would appreciate your help and support; if you are in or live around the Sacramento area, please contact us via email, or phone us at 218-760-2415.

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